The roses play a role. The gift gains acceptance. The dinner makes for conversations. But what about memories?  What makes those happen? And who can make those happen? Here are a few things that humans value, that includes valentines. Things that seem fresher while roses fade away and diamonds stowed away in velvet boxes for another time and another occasion.


Words last longer than diamonds.

Speak what’s true. Speak from your experiences. Speak what you really feel. Don’t taint them with cliched expressions of love that we so often see in Valentine’s cards. Say something meaningful about the person that you remember from the past years or perhaps even yesterday. Bring alive a memory that has been tucked away and forgotten. Celebrate the silly moments, the awkward ones and the fun ones that you enjoyed while at a theater, a movie or that casual coffee jaunt. And watch the magic unfold.


Show the mirror to the qualities that matter.

Mirrors best reflect what we want to see. Not what we should be seeing. Of course, looks matter. In fact, in many cultures around the world looks and grooming are vital for a meaningful face time. The spa that unwinds you, binging out that glow. The skillful make-up that underscores the facial features. The hair makeover that transforms you…all are wonderful ways to present yourself and make yourself memorable. But don’ t forget to wear an attitude that reveals the joy of being around your valentine. No fake moves.No fake smiles. Just pure you.  And put the spotlight on what your valentine believes in. Give them the stage. Allow them to be themselves and you will see a side that will surprise you in many wonderful ways.


A valentine isn’t just for Valentine’s day. 

The romance of the moment shouldn’t end on Feb 14th. It should be the beginning of something new. Something special. A rendezvous for a journey that will change both of you in beautiful ways. The evening shouldn’t be an excuse to make love or just hangout. It should be about embarking on a discovery of both of you as people, as lovers, as friends for a lifetime. Don’t squander away the 24 hours you get for Valentine’s day. Make every moment an unforgettable one.

Happy Valentines.

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