We all want to be remembered for something. And everything we do ladders up to that need. It could be a fantastic make-over for the new job you just got. Or the carefully manicured nails for the first date. Perhaps a spectacular new haircut for the event you’ve been waiting for. Call it significance or a need for self worth. The buzzwords that dominate today’s landscape, what every self-help guru wants you be hang on to so they can charge your credit card.

The simple truth of human beings is just this: we don’t want to be forgotten. We simply want to belong in a place where we can take root and bloom. Not an easy task this. But  impossible is a word that never stopped us humans. We strive. We rock. We roll. And we make our mark as we go along.

That is the point of it all. To make all those little things we do count at the end of it all. So when we stack them up all like rewards points, you’ll start seeing you have more than enough to redeem a legacy. Your legacy. So go for what your heart tells you. Not your critics. Not your enemies. Not the mirror. Of course, it does help to look good while you are at the task of being unforgettable.


What will you be remembered for?