The turn of heads. It’s the classic sign of a grand entrance. You walk in through the doors and for just a moment there is a lull in conversations. Daintily held long champagne glasses pause in the middle of a sip. The shuffle of the uncomfortably long heels of  women stops for just that nano second. The sonic wave of your presence envelops the place and washes over them as quickly as it started, leaving behind the same drab conversations of polite gossip and correctness. And then it’s all forgotten for someone else to make a grand entrance. The first impression does have its limitations.


But who is truly remembered?

Perhaps the ones who light up the conversations with their wit. The polite sparkle of wisdom. The allure of an inscrutable woman. The beauty that emerges from veneers of make-up. They are the ones who leave the party behind in a much better place than when it started out from.

We never forget those people. The life-blood of a party or an event. You measure such memorability with the difference they’ve made during those brief moments of interaction. They make you laugh a bit harder. They help you break through your shell. Keep your spirits a wee bit above the weather. And above, make you feel like you belong to you.

They are the ones who make the world worth our while. The ones who don’t just turn heads, but turn the world around. Oprah, Angelina Jolie, Princess Diana…the ones who helped us all look beyond the mirror and into what really should be driving our lives. Anna Wintour will not be remembered for what human cause she has fostered but she has in more than one way made our world beautiful. Not sure about Lady Gaga. So who would you rather be? The one who turns heads for a shallow reason. Or the one who will become unforgettable as we all trudge through time.


A few questions to find out if you are unforgettable:

  1. What drives you?
  2. What keeps you up at night?
  3. What will you fight for?
  4. What did you do today to turn more than just heads?