Mirrors tell you what you want to know. That’s what they are meant to do. And it’s a good thing. There is nothing really wrong about bringing out the best in you so you can face the world with confidence. In fact, it makes our world a more beautiful place. After all, in the hands of a true beautician, true make-up can cover up more than mere blemishes. They highlight features and angles that make your face come alive in many different ways. But stopping there would be like having a bar of chocolate with an alluring wrapper and not opening it to discover a whole other world.


The adage is true: It’s the stuff that’s deep inside us that truly makes us who we are. Mental make-up of a woman is perhaps the most underrated and ignored aspect of beautiful grooming. It is usually visible in the way it reflects off the people who are a part of your life – your friends, your family and the ones who belong in your circle of influence.


Here are a few ways to improve your mental make-up:


Start on the inside:

Find your true strength. The one that makes up your DNA. Ask your mother. Your father. Your spouse. They’ll tell you what it really is. And cherish that.


Will it.

Take that first step. And walk on. The obstacle ahead is a test. Find a way around it. You’ve got brains in that great mug of yours.


Find purpose.

Never start at A without knowing where B is. Sure, adventure is good if you love going around in circles. True leaders have that one thing in common – purpose. Make an effort to put it down in words to just about fit on a post-it note. A good way to begin is to write down what you really are willing to fight for.


Be open.

Empty yourself daily. Throw out your inhibitions. Your excuses. Your fears. And fill up with things that build you up. Often it starts with listening to people. And that includes critics.


Surround yourself with people who matter.

How many have been a victim of bad choices, especially, with the company they keep? Your net worth is defined by your network. Work to improve your value. Choose with discretion. Like pebbles on a beach, pick the ones you want to be a part of your life.