Mirrors tell you what you want to know. That’s what they are meant to do. And it’s a good thing. There is nothing really wrong about bringing out the best in you so you can face the world with confidence. In fact, it makes our world a more beautiful place. After all, in the hands […]

The turn of heads. It’s the classic sign of a grand entrance. You walk in through the doors and for just a moment there is a lull in conversations. Daintily held long champagne glasses pause in the middle of a sip. The shuffle of the uncomfortably long heels of  women stops for just that nano […]

We all want to be remembered for something. And everything we do ladders up to that need. It could be a fantastic make-over for the new job you just got. Or the carefully manicured nails for the first date. Perhaps a spectacular new haircut for the event you’ve been waiting for. Call it significance or […]